Pressure Top Ten: Toronto Raptors Unknown Facts

The Cavaliers begin their conquest of the North as game one of the NBA quarterfinals begin tonight! You know the riff by now, let’s do this!

Top Ten Toronto Raptors Unknown Facts

10) Based in Canada after weird road trip with Randy Quaid

Still… his best role in years

9) Drake really just likes the “silly dinosaur guys”

“You do birthday parties?”

8) Starting five actually played by the cast of The Kids in the Hall

7) Actually it’s Toronto, Kansas but never had heart to correct us

Still plenty of maple syrup to go around

6) Best known players still need photo IDs at family reunions

5) Dropped by medical insurers after Kyrie Irving broke their ankles last year

4) After all of LeBron’s rejections they admit it’s kind of a turn on

This never gets old

3) Their hype videos are all tracked by Celine Dion

“I put on for my province, on, on for my province”

2) DeRozan and Lowry actually a Rizzoli and Isles reboot

And the number one unknown fact about the Toronto Raptors…

1) Winning strategy: DM Chris Bosh


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