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Pressure Top Ten: How Mayor Jackson Spent $12 Million

Following the Public Square/RTA fiasco, the federal government wants $12,000,000 back from Cleveland Mayor, Frank Jackson. So join us as we, yet again, rip off David Letterman with the PressureLife Top Ten…


Top Ten: How Mayor Jackson spent twelve million dollars…

10) Secret war with Parma


9) Private island where he hunts most dangerous game of all: Slider


8) Armored exoskeleton and gadgets for nightly one-man war on crime


7) Down payment on East Cleveland


6) Invested heavily in 0-16 merchandise and memorabilia


5) Bad night at the Jack


4) Good night at the Jack


3) Failed search to prove he’s fabled “Sixth Jackson”


2) Funding rival transportation company; Rickshaw Transit Authority


…And, the number one way Mayor Jackson spent twelve millions dollars…

1) That Just For Men- Touch of Gray ain’t gonna buy itself!
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