It’s the beginning of the end, folks… of summer, that is. So you better go out with a bang this Labor Day Weekend! If you’re unsure what to do this weekend then I suppose it’s good you’re reading this. Join us as we rip off David Letterman once again to bring you, PressureLife’s Top Ten: Things to do this Labor Day Weekend!


Top Ten things to do this Labor Day Weekend

10) Dress as Frank Gorshin’s Riddler and see how close you can get to the Batcopter on display at the Burke Airshow

9) Correct all the misspellings at the ‘Oktoberfest’ being held at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds

8) Give Coco Crisp a ride in from the airport

7) Boycott the Rock Hall’s 21st Birthday Bash until Jethro Tull finally gets their fair dues

6) Create a diorama of Game 7 of the NBA Finals with your empty PBR cans

5) Buy East Cleveland

4) Dressed like the catering staff, see how long it takes for the crowd to realize that you are, not in fact, the second oboe in with the Cleveland Pops Orchestra.

3) Adopt a Labrador. Reread the calendar. Return Labrador.

2) Test your luck with reattached pinkie finger by lighting off leftover M1000s


And the number one thing to do this Labor Day Weekend…

1) Last day to wear white. Two words: Shotgun Wedding!

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