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The King’s reign continues as LeBron James’ new television show, Cleveland Hustles, comes out this week. His show seeks to help up-and-coming local entrepreneurs with the backing they need to fulfill their dreams. Think of it as Shark Tank, but with slightly less pompous asshats. With that in mind, join us for our weekly rip-off of David Letterman for…

PressureLife’s Top Ten: Failed Cleveland Hustles Pitches


10) Moustache caddie for Westside hipsters

9) Gary Busey University of Advanced Geopolitics

8) Just Gary Busey

7) Dogfish Head Brewery’s ice cream of the same flavor

6) Giant ink pad for the Free Stamp statue

5) Solar powered night vision goggles

4) Polaroid traffic cameras

3) Low-fat heroin

2) A line of Chief Wahoo inspired cosmetics

And, the number one failed pitch for Cleveland Hustles….

1) PressureLife staff sobriety chips

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