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PressurePot Coffee Review

PressurePot Coffee Review

Robin Adam

Adam likes coffee, maybe a little too much. Chrissi, not as much.

Join in with their weekly conversation as they check out all the shops around town and spin records. Whether you enjoy the occasional sip or need a constant I.V. drip of that brown bitter bean water, we’ll let you in on which places have the best brews in town.

And no, decaf will NOT be entertained. Ever.



13735 Madison Avenue; Lakewood, Ohio

Addicted is relatively new to the area, opening on Madison avenue as recently as last September. They boast not only fresh brewed coffee, but a full ice cream bar as well. Stopping in before noon, we stuck to coffees, but be sure to check out their wide selection of ice creams as the temperatures start to climb. I personally recommend their blue moon flavor, which was a favorite of mine as a child.

And for those of you playing along at home, we’ll be pairing our inaugural PressurePot Coffee Review with the Jim Carroll Band’s Catholic Boy and the Zambian rock compilation album, Welcome to Zamrock: Volume One.



Adam: “This is really smooth, but not weak. There’s a good balance here. I typically take mine like Winston Wolf, ‘lots of cream, lots of sugar”, but with this you don’t need any. There are hints of chocolate, maybe hickory, but it’s subtle, you know.

Chrissi: “If you like black coffee but don’t like the bitterness, this works. I could drink it black, and I don’t drink black coffee. It’s really easy to drink.”

A: It’s not overly complex or watered down either. Just a good strong cup of coffee, right down the middle. You can’t ask for more than that. If anything, it could be served a little hotter. Don’t get me wrong, this is still fresh, but I’d say it’s just really warm but not hot. This was more incidental than anything and even to some people’s preference, but I like something I can hold onto for a while before it cools. –I’m really looking forward to checking out that keg of nitro brew cold coffee they had. If it’s as smooth as their regular brew that’ll really hit the spot.”

C: “Yeah, we could have had some today if we wanted. Maybe if it wasn’t snowing.”

A: “Cleveland in the Springtime.”



A: “I like my macchiato a little more straight forward than this. This was a little too sweet for me. It reminded me of a dessert drink. The blue sprinkles were maybe a bit much for the morning, but it’s certainly not lacking for that double espresso punch-up.

C: “We did get the caramel one, after all. I like it. I think you need that extra sweetness to balance out the bitterness from the double shot, especially for someone like me.

A: “I’m still looking forward to getting an unflavored one next time because they don’t overwork the froth or scorch the milk in the steam pot. They’ve hit that perfect split of espresso to milk without either overtaking the presence of the other.”



C: “I like the cleanliness of it all.”

A: “It’s clean, but almost too clean. It has the feel of a house that is in a perpetuate state of either being moved out of or into. Not the most inviting of décor with its cold gray and blue walls.”

C: “More stuff on the wall, whether paintings or what have you could take care of some of the drabness. It’s small in there, which I like, but there really isn’t a place to just set your laptop or whatever.”

A: “It’s not a place where I’d cozy up for a few hours, but perfect for a pop-in.”



C: “These cinnamon rolls are so good. The barista said her uncle made these? For being homemade, this is awesome. Not pre-packaged. They’re fluffy and easy to eat. Not too heavy for first thing in the morning.”

A: “I think I like how cinnamon rolls smell more than they taste. It’s good, but I like a good plain doughnut, or, I’m feeling intercontinental, a dry scone- neither of which were available. The breakfast burritos they offer are a nice hangover food choice for the morning after. Kind of a ‘full package’ one-stop shop if need be.”

C: “Yeah, but there wouldn’t be a lot of space to eat it there. I didn’t see a lot of tables and chairs but I suppose that’s to your ‘pop-in’ appeal.”



C: “The staff is excellent, so nice. They bend over backward to explain stuff if you have questions like me. There was no wait and it wasn’t crowded.”

A: “On the flip side, if you’re in a rush, which I always am, they can get you in and out in a matter of moments without feeling impersonal.”

C: “It’s low stress, which is ideal for early in the morning. No one’s in your way when you get in there. We didn’t have to wait through a line where you’d have a bunch of baristas running back and forth. We found parking right in front of the place.”



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A: “Nothing is going to break the bank here. Everything is pretty affordable or at least reasonable when it comes to their higher end drinks. Their pour-overs are, maybe, a little on the pricey side, but I suppose it is one of the more labor-intensive drinks.”

C: “Nothing stuck out to me as a shocking price for anything. I didn’t notice anything being expensive. I suppose that’s half the battle.”


THE ALBUMS: (Jim Carroll Band, Catholic Boy; Compilation, Welcome to Zamrock!: How Zambia’s Liberation Led to a Rock Revolution)







A: “This Zamrock album is amazing. I’m blown away. Like, every track is good, but some of these lyrics, like with Chrissy Zebby Tembo’s “Born Black”, are profoundly sad. Then again, Ngozi Family and Dr. Footswitch have some of the happiest songs I’ve ever heard.”

C: “They’re not shy about their Western influences. Chrissy Zebby is super Sabbath-like. Salty Dog has a Jeff Beck tremolo and Teddy Chisi sounds like Curtis Mayfield.”

A: “That’s why I dig a place like My Mind’s Eye for having a section like this to even pick from. You hear the backend of this stuff on the radio but never know what it was or even what to look for if you wanted to.Nothing for nothing, but Jim Carroll is really packing those jeans for an album where he’s posing with his parents. They’re his parents, right?”

C: “No, the old man’s the bassist and the woman’s the drummer.”

A: “…Really?

C: “No. Not really.”

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