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RNC Drinking Game

RNC Drinking Game

You may not have a ticket to get in, or even be able to get within eyesight of downtown during the Republican National Convention being held July 18-21, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play along at home! Combining two loves of Ohio, politics and booze, PressureLife presents, the RNC Drinking Game!

You know the rules: if they do so, then drink so.

Take a drink…
– every time Trump uses any of the following
– buzz words: Winning, Crooked Hillary, Shameful, They’re laughing at us, Disgraceful
– every blatant Cleveland pander
– every utterance of the dreaded “liberal media”
– every time intellectualism or science is booed

Do a shot…
– for an incoherent Sarah Palin cameo
– for every surprise “celebrity” appearance
– every time Hillary’s emails are brought up
– every time Dr. Ben Carson appears to have fallen asleep between his sentences

Shotgun a beer…
– if Trump’s Vice-Presidential nominee is
– also a quasi-celebrity
– or if Trump’s VP nominee is
– one of the opponents he previously ridiculed
– if Trump’s VP starts sputtering about building
– walls before slipping into a squelch of dial tone and binary code as it’s revealed that the campaign ultimately had to create a cybernetic nominee in order to find one will to run alongside Donald Trump

Chug a beer…
– for a contested first ballot!
– …and 2x for every ballot contested after that!
– for every surprise alternative candidate! during the inevitable money shot confetti drop

Bong a beer…

– if Trump finally admits that this has all been an elaborate Andy Kaufman-style satire the whole time
– if the ghost of Ronald Reagan is invoked enough that he rises from the grave to claim the souls he is owed

Finish the bottle…

– once you realize we’ve let this whole “will of the people” thing get out of hand

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