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You may not have a ticket to get in, or even be able to get within eyesight of downtown during the Republican National Convention being held July 18-21, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play along at home! Combining two loves of Ohio, politics and booze, PressureLife presents, the RNC Drinking Game!

You know the rules: if they do so, then drink so.

Take a drink…
– every time Trump uses any of the following
– buzz words: Winning, Crooked Hillary, Shameful, They’re laughing at us, Disgraceful
– every blatant Cleveland pander
– every utterance of the dreaded “liberal media”
– every time intellectualism or science is booed

Do a shot…
– for an incoherent Sarah Palin cameo
– for every surprise “celebrity” appearance
– every time Hillary’s emails are brought up
– every time Dr. Ben Carson appears to have fallen asleep between his sentences

Shotgun a beer…
– if Trump’s Vice-Presidential nominee is
– also a quasi-celebrity
– or if Trump’s VP nominee is
– one of the opponents he previously ridiculed
– if Trump’s VP starts sputtering about building
– walls before slipping into a squelch of dial tone and binary code as it’s revealed that the campaign ultimately had to create a cybernetic nominee in order to find one will to run alongside Donald Trump

Chug a beer…
– for a contested first ballot!
– …and 2x for every ballot contested after that!
– for every surprise alternative candidate! during the inevitable money shot confetti drop

Bong a beer…

– if Trump finally admits that this has all been an elaborate Andy Kaufman-style satire the whole time
– if the ghost of Ronald Reagan is invoked enough that he rises from the grave to claim the souls he is owed

Finish the bottle…

– once you realize we’ve let this whole “will of the people” thing get out of hand

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  • Tom Diamond

    The Republican Party has ignored Ross Perot, the tea party and the success of the Contract with America ( and The rise of Mr.Trump but that is current) and chickens are coming home to roost in flicks so the thick the sky is falling.
    An elephant might have big ears but how the RNC missed the screaming of American middle winged voters is astonishing to me.
    donkeys seem to be perception challenged as well with the rise of Bernie Sanders.
    Only the voices of lobbyist are being heard right now and thank god there are not 100 million of them. Even though when you combine the numbers of ears listening to union leaders, church Titans and paid voters it might add up to that.

  • Tom Diamond

    So who do I bill for my hospital bill from drinking too many shots?

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