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Seafair Releases New Single ‘Try’ @ Mahall’s 9.15.18

Seafair Releases New Single ‘Try’ @ Mahall’s 9.15.18

Gennifer Harding-Gosnell

Photo by: Suzuran Photography

Things are only getting better for Seafair. They are one of Cleveland’s best-loved rock bands, and they are barreling through what has been an incredible year for them with the release of a new single, ‘Try’, making its debut at their Mahall’s show last Saturday.

2018 saw the return of Seafair after a short hiatus, with several notable performances including the InCuya Festival downtown, and a renewed sense of value for their unique sound. The new single is the result.

‘Try’ opens up leaning heavily on the ambient sounds of keyboardist and singer Chayla Hope. Her mystical, muffled vocals open up as the song gradually builds. She sings from deep inside her chest like trained singers do, not from her throat, so her voice sounds more like an instrument and is used like one throughout the whole song.

Then out of nowhere, the drums kick in and Seafair’s dream-pop song has become something much darker and far more ethereal. The beat is slow and grinding – suddenly the song sounds like it could have been the ballad for Pretty Hate Machine. ‘Try’ continues to barrel through right to the end, when the many layers of sound suddenly drop off, leaving just the solemn vocals of Chayla Hope saying, “I’ll wait for you forever”, and the moment goes beautifully unresolved.   

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‘Try’ is a textbook-perfect signature song for Seafair: relatable subject matter, a hook that easy to remember and sing along with, a well-timed build-up to an earth-shaking beat, and a solid ending. The song is well-produced; added effects aren’t too much or too little. By music industry standards, it has the making of a hit.

‘Try’ will be released by Seafair on all media platforms Friday, September 21st. 

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