The Standing Rock Reservation protests over the proposed path of an oil pipeline that would cut directly through a protected Sioux Reservation have been gaining both support and redoubled opposition by the hour, depending on which side of the issue one falls. Those of us who sympathize with the plight of the affected Native Americans but are stymied by the distance North Dakota poses, can now directly support the cause and help the protesters on the frontlines.

Guide to Kulchur bookstore, at 5900 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, is hosting one hell of a support concert/rally. Organized by local activist, Robert Rice, the Stand with Standing Rock Benefit Show, held from 7 to 11, will feature a plethora of acts from Dj sets, hip hop acts and spoken word, with a focus on indigenous performers and artists. Additionally, there will be several raffles held throughout the night that offer really fascinating hand crafted wares and art. All door donations as well as the money earned from raffle tickets will be going directly to the North Dakota protestors bail funds as well as supplies like warm clothes for the approaching cold North winds. “There’s been a lot of people getting arrested recently,” Rice noted when he spoke with PressureLife, “Each day there’s going to be 20, 30, 40 people getting arrested. There’s a lot more civil disobedience going on. A lot more militaristic pushback from the North Dakota government.”

One of the acts, Young Jibwe, has come down from South Dakota to lend his support. An indie rapper, Young Jibwe has been running his own record label, the Animikii Music Group, since 2011, and is fresh off his new album release, the Weishaupt Effect. When asked what message he hopes his Saturday night performance inspires in the crowd, Young Jibwe answered simply, “We’re still here.”

It’s rare that we get a good night out while doing a good night’s work. Robert Rice and the Guide to Kulchur bookstore are offering just that. If you can’t make it out, you can still help by going to http://standing-rock-sioux-tribe–dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/ to make a donation of any amount.


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