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TALK of the TOWN

Dan Bernardi
[intro-text size=”25px”]It’s finally happened — podcasts are officially mainstream, and Cleveland is home to some seriously talented talkers. We jumped online and perked up our ears to select a few of the best podcasts broadcasting from Cleveland that may have slipped under your radar.[/intro-text]


Hosts Drew and Michael shine the spotlight on local musicians and bands, inviting them into their Ohio City studio for some in-depth discussion about their journeys through the music world. The show is an excellent listen for both casual and die-hard music lovers. Acting as an amplifier for Cleveland talent, Loud in Cleveland is the best music podcast in town.


A staple of Cleveland radio network CLEsound, Dave Sabol’s Told podcast tells the unheard stories from local anybodies who have mustered up enough courage to grab the mic, get on stage, and share their experiences on anything and everything in front of a live audience. With regular events open to the public, keep your ears peeled for the next Told recording.

WHAT ARE WE DOINg In cleveland /

For those in the mood for some C-town conversation and beyond, take a listen to What Are We Doing in Cleveland? Darrell and Michelle host with a different guest each episode, chatting with unique Cleveland personalities and close friends. Highlighting local artists, businesses, and weekly events happening throughout the city, WWD/CLE is a great source for some intelligent, relevant talk.


When it comes to Cleveland nerd culture, Geek Eclectic hosts Nick and Stu may be the loudest geeks in town. While the average episode may open with reviews and reactions to popular TV shows, films, or games, the conversations often shift to entertainingly bizarre and random tangents full of colorful opinions. Geek Eclectic has something to offer for anyone interested in pop culture, with a slew of references that only fellow geeks will truly appreciate.

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Clocking in at 70 episodes, Hello Cleveland! is by far the longest running show on the list. Hosts Craig and JD open up about their own lives and experiences, often intermingling with current events, entertainment, and just about anything else that pops into their heads. The guys have been exchanging witty banter since 2011.

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