[intro-text size=”25px”]The preview for The Gift was somehow reminiscent for me, I could not quite place it but it reminded me of a movie I have seen before. The preview did still entice me though, mainly because Jason Bateman is the leading man.  I love Jason Bateman, he could be in almost any movie or show and I would be intrigued- he was my favorite douche bag, bachelor in The Sweetest Thing.[/intro-text]

According to IMDb The Gift is about, “A young married couple whose life is going just as planned until a chance encounter with an acquaintance from Simon’s high school sends their world into a harrowing tailspin. Simon doesn’t recognize Gordo at first, but after a series of uninvited encounters and mysterious gifts prove troubling, a horrifying secret from the past is uncovered after more than 20 years. As Robyn learns the unsettling truth about what happened between Simon and Gordo, she starts to question: how well do we really know the people closest to us, and are past bygones ever really bygones? “

At first I had a hard time getting past how much the leading actress, Rebecca Hall eerily resembled the singer from The Struts and that Joel Edgerton, Gordo, was wearing a hoop earring in his ear. I already knew from the preview Gordo was meant to be the evil one, I did not need a 1990’s earring to remind me how terrible he was- although it did really help me imagine him as a total psycho since no one outside of 1995 would dare attempt this trend.

Once I was able to make it past these offenses I was pulled into an intense mystery. I honestly did not know what character to like, trust or support in The Gift; which made it even more disturbing.  All of the back and forth and discovery of new “evidence” made the final plot twist the last thing I anticipated.  I left feeling that it was more stressful trying to figure everything out than it was necessarily scary. That was until I awoke in the middle of the night after a nightmare that someone was stalking me- do with that what you will. Overall, this was a good date night movie with more complexity than I had originally expected with many subtle touches that upped the creepy factor.

Check out the preview of The Gift and go see it in theaters now!

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