[intro-text size=”25px”]Last year the bombshell announcement dropped that after 25 years, Twin Peaks would be returning to the air on Showtime. Last month David Lynch threatened to walk from the project before they started filming, but now that the eclectic auteur is back on board, we can’t wait to go back to the sleepy Pacific Northwest town full of secrets. Here’s what we want to see once we return to Twin Peaks.[/intro-text]

The New Guard After the initial announcement, the original cast members tweeted their involvement with the new series, assuring fans this would not be a reboot but a continuation of the original story. That said, there will certainly be new residents who’ve made Twin Peaks their home since we last visited. The new cast will have a difficult balancing act fitting into an already-established and beloved ensemble and garnering their own appreciation from the fans, all while not overshadowing the original cast; which is doubly hard considering much of that cast (Kyle MacLachlan aside) were not very good actors in the first place.

The Fallout– When we last left the show, Agent Cooper escaped the nightmarish Black Lodge but only to serve as a host for the evil spirit known only as Bob. This spells certain disaster for the unassuming townsfolk that implicitly trust Dale Cooper. I’d like to see the ramifications of his possession and the broken trust that invariably must have followed.

The Bookhouse Boys– One of my favorite parts of the original series was the secret society known as The Bookhouse Boys.  Comprised of some local lawmen, street toughs, and new recruit Agent Cooper, they watch the woods, knowing Twin Peaks has a sinister side that it needs protecting from. Think of them as a quasi-Night’s Watch for the town. With 25 years past, I expect some fresh blood in their ranks and look forward to how they’ve handled the rouge Bob-possessed Special Agent Dale Cooper.

“…And There’s Always Music in the Air.”- Angelo Badalamenti, the original composer for Twin Peaks, can be considered the ephemeral soul to the series while David Lynch and Mark Frost produced the physical body. While never seen on screen, Badalamenti was one of the most critical cast members and perhaps the most influential in shaping the world of Twin Peaks. When one thinks back on the series it is hard not to hear those familiar bars wafting through your psyche. I’m looking forward to how the composer merges the familiar nostalgic tones with a modern revisioning.

Never Leave Us Again, David!- So anyone who’s watched the full run of the series can agree that it really went off the rails towards the middle part of season two, which was primarily the reason that it was not renewed for a third season. Gaining mainstream attention, David Lynch was drawn away from Twin Peaks and began other projects, letting script writing and directing fall to other, decidedly less-than-talented, fill-ins. Thankfully, following Lynch’s most recent standoff where he threatened to walk off of the Showtime project, we’ve got confirmation that he will be directing each and every episode.

David Duchovny Reprising his Role One of the gems from season two was Duchovny’s unexpected role as the cross-dressing federal narcotics agent, Denise/Dennis Bryson. Although a small role, his quirky, yet capable, portrayal fit in perfectly with the rest of the cast. And surprisingly enough, he doesn’t look half bad in drag…

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