You’d probably assume that Dungeons and Dragons don’t belong in a bar. Normally, you’d be right.

But there’s one place where you’re hella wrong. The Side Quest, Lakewood’s newest acquisition, is a haven for geeks from every walk of geekdom, but your boring friends are welcome too.

You’ll see grown men with exquisite beards arguing about sheep and who has the longest road. Yes, that beer is called Valar Morghulis, and you should try it. That’s Doctor Who playing on the TV, you should absolutely add that to your Netflix queue when you get home (but if you’re looking to catch Game of Thrones there, you’re SOL—thanks again Jeff Bezos, you and your Amazon empire are proving to be quite the formidable opponent). Don’t know anyone? Board games are a great way to make new friends.

The gaming community isn’t exactly known for its inclusion and hospitality, especially post #GamerGate. The Side Quest is working hard to remedy that, creating a remarkably pleasant, inclusive environment for geeks of all stripes—the most harassment you’ll get is a really competitive Cards Against Humanity game.

Tabletop gaming not your thing? No worries. The Side Quest has a calendar packed with events for every type. On Sundays, grab your knitting needles and come on down for Stitch ‘N Bitch, the most badass knitting circle you’ll ever see. Drop in on New Comic Wednesdays to argue about whether Namor or Aquaman would win in a fight (it’s Aquaman, by the way). From book clubs to trivia, The Side Quest is rapidly becoming more than a bar—it’s like the YMCA for those of us who get upset if you confuse Vulcan and Klingon.

People can say all they want about Cleveland, but no one can deny that we have truly exquisite bars that cater to every personality type and interest. So pull up a chair, introduce yourself to a new beer, and the guy next to you in Starfleet uniform. You’ll be glad you did.