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The Top Five Jimmy Hanlin Pants

The Top Five Jimmy Hanlin Pants

Kevin Naughton

If you’ve ever left SportsTime Ohio on after an Indians game, you may be familiar with a delightful little program called ‘Eighteen Holes with Jimmy Hanlin.’

Hosted by the show’s namesake, viewers watch Cleveland-based PGA golf pro Jimmy Hanlin as he instructs a pretty blonde woman (who is actually a professional golfer herself) on the finer points of knocking a little white ball into a small hole from long distances.

“What’s so special about a golf-tip show?” you might be asking. The answer lies not in the professional caliber of golfing-advice provided to viewers, but in Mr. Hanlin’s eclectic choice of legwear. Every episode delivers watchers an exciting new display of Jimmy’s maverick fashion sense, which is truly remarkable to behold.

In honor of Mr. Hanlin’s fantastic sense of style, we give you “The Top Five Jimmy Hanlin Pants”

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