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The Weekly Politic: Hawks and Chickens

The Weekly Politic: Hawks and Chickens

–Je Suis Parisien–


Viable demographics are slipping away from candidates on both sides of the aisle and neither party seems interested in acknowledging this jettisoning of support. Which is all the better for me, as I’ve decided to endorse Brewster who runs under the banner, “None of the Above”, for President (for those that do not get that Richard Pryor reference, for shame).

Just look at the recent results from a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that included both Democrat and Republican voters. Breaking the GOP into four splinter factions, Social Conservative, Tea Party, Libertarian, and moderate Establishment, they have found that only Rubio and Carson appeals to all four in some degree. Some of their rivals, including Fiorina and Trump, may fare well with the Tea Party but they bottom out with Moderates. This is all to say that there are few, if any, Republican nominees that can unite their party to gain nomination, let alone convince the rest of the nation that they deserve top office.
The silver lining in all of this? As always, at least you’re not Jeb Bush.

Last seen on Sunday’s Meet the Press, Bush the III was busy calling for “war” on ISIS. At best, the notion to declare war on ISIS is a reductive blanket statement meant to gin up support from sympathetic hawks. Most likely, it is a Bush family genetic predisposition to throw a country into interminable war without considering consequences or even what country or factions we are targeting. We should all know by now that simply declaring a war on terror does not help to stabilize the world, nor does it allow for any measure of success when fighting such an abstract, amorphous and borderless ideal. The members of ISIS throughout the world need to be weeded out and extinguished but to do so we need tactical knowledge, a cooperative international intelligence agency and specific goals. Casually drone bombing suspected terrorist sites ad hoc like our current administration will only see more hospitals, weddings and schools caught in the crossfire; the devastation of which will only incite more violent opposition to the West.

But not to fear, Jeb Bush was last seen circling the drain, polling at a whopping 4% nationally among Republican voters. He is the only GOP candidate to not hold favor in any of their subsets, and that’s including non-factors Gilmour and Graham, the latter of which did not even qualify for the “kiddie table” at the last GOP debate.

Looking past the primaries, if the GOP do not attempt to appeal to more than their base they will be facing near insurmountable odds come next November when one considers who is voting. According to same NBC/WSJ poll, 92% of GOP primary voters are white. In the General Election of 2012 however, only 72% of all voters were white. There is an inverse correlation to the demographic disconnect. The people they are courting during the primaries are not entirely the ones casting ballots in the General Election. The “despicable job-stealing immigrants” of the primaries are the same Latin- and Spanish-American citizens registered to vote in the one that matters. 69% of Republicans consider themselves conservatives, while nationally, the rest of Americans sample at 35% conservative; another disconnect.

On the other side of the aisle, 62% of democratic voters are white compared to that same national 72%. This is all to say that the Democrats have an advantage in that the base of their voting block is more indicative of the population that will be eligible to vote for them.

It take a real kind of scum-sucker to use tragedy for personal gains, so it should be no surprise to find the cheap-suited hacks running for President to use the horrors of the Bataclan in Paris for their own ideological agenda. Donald Trump speculated that if only the crowd within the nightclub were armed they would have all survived. Such ignorance does not even deserve response but it should be held to light to showcase his lack of qualification for presidency, let alone a used car salesman. Ted Cruz wasted no time in demanding that all refugees be turned away at the gate and said that military strikes against ISIS should be less concerned with “civilian casualties”. While Mike Huckabee (yes, he’s still running) called for the cancellation of the Iran deal (never mind that Iran is opposed to ISIS and is aiding in targeted bombing campaigns).
And while Hillary Clinton’s statements during the Democratic debates that past Saturday, claiming that this was largely a middle-east conflict that we have little to do with is dubious at best considering our government’s decades of meddling foreign policy in region, it is marginally better than the “bomb first, ask questions later” mantra that the GOP has tattooed on their foreheads.

To them all I quote democratic candidate Martin O’Malley’s response during Saturday’s democratic debate, “Our symbol is a statue of liberty not a barbed wire fence.” This may sound like polished pandering, and maybe it is.

But it is the brave who, in times of pain and suffering, when faced with fear and hatred, find the resolve to champion peace, love and unity in a world where such qualities are in short supply as of late.

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