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Gotham By Midnight #5; DC Comics: Ostensibly a supernatural police procedural, Gotham by Midnight justifies this hackneyed premise by having an interesting ensemble cast and a moody locale. One of Gotham’s detectives, Jim Corrigan, just happens to double as the host for the spirit of God’s wrath, known as The Spectre. This issue, The Spectre lays judgment on Gotham and he doesn’t come with a search warrant.

Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1; DC Comics: So, this one’s a bit kooky. Each issue of this comic, delivered by crazed mastermind writer Grant Morrison, comes from a different universe (hence Multiversity,) and offers a distinct interpretation of DC’s long running mythology, all of which unify in a potential multiverse ending crisis. This issue breaks the fourth wall and is written from the perspective of our own universe, placing the reader into the role of protagonist. Yeah, it’s a weird one.

The Walking Dead #139; Image Comics: What can be said about The Walking Dead comic at this point that doesn’t serve as a spoiler for the television show? We’ve jumped ahead a few years in the comic and see a new interpretation of a post-apocalypse civilization. While much of the series has been set in the Southeast, if the image of the long-distance sailing boat on the cover is any indication, the survivors’ world is about to get quite a bit larger.

The Inhumans #13; Marvel Comics: Ever since the film rights for the X-Men franchise were sold to Fox Studios, Marvel has been positioning a new ensemble cast of outsiders; enter: The Inhumans. Think of them like a dynastic version of the X-Men, but with a royal, Game of Thrones-style lineage. This issue promises a great jumping on point for new readers that will explain just who the hell they are.

The Uncanny X-Men #32; Marvel Comics: In whiplash summation of recent ‘X’ events: Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops, has killed Professor Xavier and formed his own, more proactive X-men, much to the chagrin of the originals. The life of Scott Summers has been a great study in character development; an element usually lacking in modern comics. Now after a crisis of conscience, Cyclops must face the man he has become and decide where he leads the X-Men, willingly or not.

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