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Convergence #0; DC Comics: This is the big one. Certain stories are so dramatic in DC Comics that the repercussions come to redefine the heroes and villains for years to come. Most recently, Flashpoint brought us the “New 52” relaunch of 2011. In the eighties, Crisis of Infinite Earths redefined the genre. Identity Crisis followed in the nineties, with Final Crisis rounding out the early 2000’s. Now, we have Convergence. This is a multiversal epic and as the title alludes, will “literally tie into ever DC story ever told.”

Teen Titans Annual #1; DC Comics: Following some timely public displays of heroics, the Titans are enjoying their time in the spotlight. An over-sized annual special, this issue throws a wrench in their good times as Superboy returns after being wanted for murder—fallout ensues.

Iron Fist #11; Marvel Comics: An under-appreciated but explosive Kung Fu saga, Iron Fist is a unique series written and drawn by Kaare Andrews that rewards its audience with a dynamic sense of storytelling, expertly selling the high-impact pacing. This issue promises “Iron Fist’s biggest battle yet.”

Spider-Gwen #3; Marvel Comics: Great creative team. Great costume. Spider-Gwen follows the alternate reality of Gwen Stacy and her exploits after being bitten by that damned spider instead of just becoming Peter Parker’s dead girlfriend. In this world, Frank Castle (the Punisher) is the police lieutenant tasked to bring in the vigilante, which spells bad luck for Gwen in any universe.

Uncanny Inhumans #0; Marvel Comics: Take my word for it; this is going to be a huge series. This is the starting point for a tonal shift in Marvel, one where the Inhumans are finally given as much swagger as teams like the X-Men, Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Starting with a zero issue, Marvel intends to reintroduce the world to the main players among the Inhumans. Expect them to sell the series with a fitting cliffhanger to draw us back for more.

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