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Savior #1; Image Comics: From the creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane, comes a tale that questions how our modern culture would take to the appearance of a man whose inexplicable appearance and strange gifts mirror those attributed to the Son of God. Will they still welcome him when he starts upsetting the status quo of even the most faithful?

Surface #2; Image Comics: This is quickly becoming a favorite title of mine. With much of the world building, deftly handled during the opening issue, we are given the room to explore the fantastical, hallucinatory, and titular Surface world with issue 2. To throw a wrench into the odyssey, one of the team is a traitor in waiting.

Deadpool #45; Marvel Comics: Deadpool has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity over the past decade. Formerly a one-note joke that no one took seriously, Wade Wilson is still a one-note joke that no one takes seriously, but with a best-selling title. Compiling all of the former series runs makes this issue his 250th in totality, and serves as a fitting sign-off for the “Merc with a mouth” as they end the series in a final over-sized issue.

Ant Man #4; Marvel Comics: Ant-Man is an irreverent hero in the Marvel Universe. A wise-cracker that uses his diminutive stature to catch others off guard, he is enjoying a new round in the spotlight, with Paul Rudd set to star in the cinema version later this summer. For now, follow the less-than-heroic hero as he moonlights with a couple of D-list villains to pull off a heist—surely nothing will go wrong. Spoilers: it does.

Convergence: The Question #1; DC Comics: For the next two months DC will be holding court with its latest event, Convergence. During this time, every current title will come to a pause and instead feature a singular story that promises to pull from the deep roster of characters, stories, and environs throughout the history of DC Comics. This has the making of a genuine cluster-fuck, but it’s a treat when we have a chance to revisit characters that have since been lost among the modern DC titles. Use this as an opportunity to enjoy Renee Montoya, former Gotham police detective, as she stalks the night as The Question.

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