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[intro-text size=”25px”]Every Wednesday the week’s newest comics hit the stands. We get there a day early to bring you the latest top 5 cant-miss titles.[/intro-text]

Archie Versus Predator #1; Dark Horse: Allow me to repeat that: Archie Versus Predator. Yeah, that Predator. Whether you’re a fan of Archie and the gang or a fan of the Predator, or absolutely hate the gang from Riverdale and just want to see the alien monster eviscerate Jughead, this is the pulp for you.

DC Convergence: Aquaman #1 DC Comics: Arthur Curry has been a member of the Justice League and the King of Atlantis, but the best Aquaman tales are always the ones when his back is against the wall. The Convergence tales allow for us to get a glimpse at certain characters at a specific moment in time. Here, we visit Aquaman with a full beard and a hook for a hand. Ah, the nineties!

X-Files: Season 10 #23; IDW: Conspiracy theory: Did you know X-Files never really ended? It lives on thanks to IDW. They have continued the tale with full commission and consultation with show creator, Chris Carter. Hence, the unwieldy title which notes that this is to be considered the next season of the show. Here we see the Syndicate return, planning to do what they do best—make life hell for Mulder and Scully.

Superior Iron Man #7; Marvel Comics: In full disclosure, I don’t like Iron Man; not even Robert Downy Jr. could make me like him, and I love RDJ! Tony Stark is arrogant, superficial, and always thinks he’s funnier and smarter than really he is. All of which made him a nauseating hero. As a villain, those traits fit him perfectly and add a new life to a character whose dimensions were once less than that of the paper he was printed on. Here, we watch as those once close to him turn upon the monster they’ve witnessed emerge. Only one version of Tony Stark can survive, either the hero or the villain.

Ms. Marvel #14; Marvel Comics: We’ve all seen the story, a young idealist is gifted with powers and learns the responsibility of becoming a hero… yeah, yeah, been there, done that. But Ms. Marvel is something altogether different. Kamala Khan is a young Muslim girl trying to survive in New York City; that, in and of itself, is a hero’s tale, fraught with all sorts of hardships and real-life monsters. We get all of that here, but with the added stress of shape-shifting abilities gifted to her by a despotic alien race that once tried destroying earth. So yeah, she’s got some issues to work through.

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