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Tomorrow’s Top 5 Cant-Miss Comics

Tomorrow’s Top 5 Cant-Miss Comics

Robin Adam
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Comic-March-18th”] [intro-text size=”25px”]Every Wednesday the week’s newest comics hit the stands. We get there a day early to bring you the latest top five cant-miss titles.[/intro-text]

Batgirl #40; DC Comics: Suddenly an accessible, fun and youthful series; they’ve taken Barbara Gordon out of Gotham and set her in the middle of a hipster bohemian enclave called Burnside. If you get to your local comic stores early you might find the variant cover offer. Inspired by classic movie posters, this month’s theme at DC, Batgirl does her best Prince impersonation in her Purple Rain variant cover.

Justice League #40; DC Comics: The Justice League kicks off its latest major storyline, The Darkseid War. Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor settle some serious cosmic beef with Batman, Superman, and the rest of the league caught in the middle. Consider this the cold open to an epic battle—a perfect set up and starting point for new readers.

Nixon’s Pals HC; Image Comics: Consider this previously out-of-print hardcover absurdist-noir. It centers on Nixon Cooper, a hard-nosed parole officer responsible for some of Los Angeles County’s strangest super villains (un)known to man. Simple rule I like to live by; if Chris Burnham is doing something—get it. Not only is he a great artist, he only works with good writers.

Zero #15; Image Comics: Author of last week’s pick of the week, Ales Kot presents Zero. Each issue is a self-contained story that details a different aspect in the life of a trained assassin, and his bloody search of self-discovery. If that’s not enough, this one is set in 1960’s Tangiers.

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A group photo of The Cleveland Grays, Cleveland’s independent volunteer militia, from the early 1900s.

Moon Knight # 13; Marvel Comics: Moon Knight is a very overlooked character at Marvel. He wears a cool white suit (sometimes with a cape), he knows Kung Fu, he’s a millionaire, and he is literally insane. His latest run with Warren Ellis at the helm proved that this can be a fascinating title. This issue we start with a brand new story from writer Cullen Bunn.

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