This weekend, hometown champion, Stipe Miocic, is set to defend his heavyweight championship belt against Alistair Overeem for the pay-per-view event, UFC 203. You know how this works by now, join us as we rip off David Letterman once again for this week’s PressureLife Top 10: Ways Stipe Miocic prepares for his Cleveland UFC Fight…


Top 10: Ways Stipe Miocic prepares for his Cleveland UFC Fight

10) Carbo-loading by eating the cast of Rover’s Morning Glory

9) Toning the core- Busting rocks with Jimmy Dimora

8) Detox cleansing, courtesy of a round of Lake Erie Martinis

7) Curling the Free Stamp

6) Outracing muggers patrolling St. Clair Avenue

5) Trying to catch a live chicken at West Side Market

4) Trying to find a parking spot at the West Side Market… Amirite?

3) Go to the Jack Casino and bet the kids college fund… incentive goes a long way

2) Using the rash of home foreclosures as sensory deprivation chambers for meditation


And the number 1 thing Stipe Miocic is doing to prepare for his Cleveland fight…

1) All else fails, gain radioactive powers from outdated Davis-Besse Plant 



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