I’ve always been that guy that is never satisfied, regardless of what it is.

May it be my goals that I’ve achieved, the lessons I’ve learned, or simply surviving the day, I always want more. I need more, I need a passion project, otherwise I’ll go down a drunken spiral because of boredom.

So what’s my plan? Restart a “failed” business on a dying medium with a new business model to wrap around it, just to spice things up.

Now when I say “failed”, I don’t technically mean failed. Eight years ago, we did pretty well given the circumstances. Two ignorant early twenty something jerks trying to make a magazine with no money. I designed and my best friend did the content. Now how did we fund this? Advertising…yes, I said advertising. Again let me remind you, we knew nothing about the magazine business and better yet nothing about business business. Long story short, we actually pulled it off and did 7 issues bi-monthly spending little of our own money.

Now to the present, a grown man who has learned from his mistakes, sitting still with that same passion. Which leads me here where I want to document the experiences and processes of re-starting a business with zero dollars. This is all true and is currently happening to me in my everyday life. So here’s my story. A journey and quest to start a business, a lifestyle, a magazine, a community, a movement with a great group of passionate professionals I call my friends. The Pressure Life.


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    Creative Director and Co-Owner of Pressure Life.

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