[intro-text size=”25px”]This past Monday I had the pleasure of going to see Travis Scott in concert and I am fortunate to still be alive to talk about it. Scott’s shows have adopted the nickname, “The Rodeo” because of the utter insanity.[/intro-text]

There were people passing out due to dehydration and falling over because they went too hard in the mob and couldn’t keep their balance. I even was a witness to a pit open in the middle of the set that everyone proceeded to pile into as the beat dropped. His stage presence was nothing short of spectacular.

I was outside, in line by 4 o’clock and the doors did not open until 7:00.  By 5:30 the line wrapped all the way down the East 4th Alley. As you can tell, House of Blues was the place to be on November 9th and if you were not here then you missed one phenomenal show. Once the smoke cleared and the lights came on, the real show began. I buckled in for what I knew was going to be a long, crazy night.

I walked past fellow rodeo-goers who were missing a shoe but grasping a completely different shoe they had stumbled upon while hunting for their own in the chaos; so many people walked in whole and left missing half the items they arrived with.

When we all emptied onto Euclid Ave. it looked like a scene from The Walking Dead; the sheer exhaustion had transformed us into zombies thirsting for something to replenish our systems.You could hear people saying, “I survived the rodeo!” and I completely agree. You really won’t know what it’s like at a Travis Scott show until you’ve lived to tell about it.

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