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The Weekly Politic: Fools, Flunkies, and Frauds

The Weekly Politic: Fools, Flunkies, and Frauds

Robin Adam

As Cleveland’s D-Day with the Republican National Convention draws close, the Primaries may prove little more than prologue.

After winnowing through the nominees, inexplicably, to the two least popular candidates in recent history, a measure of solace was taken in the smaller field. Overnight, it appears to have doubled. The sad display that was the Libertarian Convention saw the likes of Candidates Vermin Supreme (the one with the fishing boot on his head promising to give a free pony to everyone- I’m not making this up), Marc Feldman (the rapping doctor), Starchild (a porn actor in a see-through raincoat, still not making this up), John McAfee (the computer anti-virus guy who was recently on the run in South America for a murder rap), and James Weeks (the dude who stripped on stage for a decent cover of Chris Farley’s SNL Chippendale skit, I wish I was making this up). From that esteemed pool, the Libertarians have settled on Gary Johnson and former New Mexico Governor, Bill Weld. Despite not being the most popular choice within the convention, Johnson draws around ten percent in recent national polls. Johnson/Weld is rather strong ticket for the party to pull off and will almost certainly draw a nominal percentage of votes away from Trump.

If Conservative flunkie, Bill Kristol, is to be believed, we may have even more splintering of the Republican vote in November. Kristol has worked diligently to remain the thorn in Trump’s lion paw and announced over Memorial Day weekend that David French will enter the race. If you’re drawing a blank, you’re right to do so. French earned a Bronze Star in Iraq, is a constitutional lawyer, and more to the point, writes with Kristol for the popular Conservative rag, National Review. Aside from A, B, and C, French has no experience in politics, is a complete unknown, and cannot even register for the ballots on all fifty states this late in the game.

Despite the Sanders camp pinning their last best hopes on taking California as a basis to contest the nomination at the Convention, it appears that the numbers will hold and Clinton will take the state. This, after Clinton caught a red-eye from Jersey and pressed the flesh, doubling-down as the eleventh-hour closed in. Now, trailing around thirteen points, Sanders will be left with very little narrative to spin after the loss. The “Bernie-or-Bust” fallout and the contingent that would rather vote for Donald Trump than alterna-candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, prove that their contention is one without much sense and even less moral clarity. Stein would be a remarkable alternative to disaffected Sanders supporters; one that would carry many of Sanders platforms even further than the Vermont Senator is willing. Unfortunately, Jill Stein’s candidacy suffers the same malignancy a David French ticket does; neither is included on all fifty state ballots.

Bernie Sanders’ eventual departure from the race will see the last buttress removed between the direct line of fire between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While the two have taken shots at each other in the past, they’ve had to do so while directed around, through, past, or in Trump’s case, with Bernie Sanders. With the frontrunners suddenly able to fire point blank, both will start taking on water, fast. Conveniently for both, by then, all the lifeboats will have ceded their candidacies. The only remaining alternatives will be less-than-familiars Stein, Johnson and French; with only Johnson to appear on all fifty state ballots.

Meanwhile, the best argument against Donald Trump continues to come directly from Donald Trump. Speaking at a California rally, he both denied that there was an actual drought and that he would also solve the drought by “opening up all that water”. He also promised that “it would happen so fast” and advised, “don’t even think about it.” Then, over Memorial Day weekend he held a press conference attacking “the media” after he was caught clearly lying about the actual amount of money he had given to veteran charities. FYI, the charities Trump finally divulged the names of did not receive any money at all until the immediate hours after the Washington Post ran an article, busting him for not owing up to the veteran groups in the first place.

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UPDATE: Immediately after publishing this article, several polls were released that show Sanders closing within two points of Clinton is CA Primary.

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