The Weekly Politic: Inch, Foregone

“It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.” –Donald J. Trump via Twitter


Republican nominee, Donald Trump’s latest Twitter transmission will be his own personal “Croatoan”. Lost amid a dizzying tailspin, Trump is on course to suffer one of the largest landslide defeats since Ronald Reagan spanked Walter Mondale in 1984. Following the Access Hollywood hot-mic footage of Trump and preternatural fratboy, Billy Bush, being exactly who you’d expect them to be, Trump has been hemorrhaging support and has seen his poll numbers plummet. A recent Wall Street Journal poll has him lagging Hillary Clinton by as much as fourteen points with less than a month until the General Election. That poll, it should be noted, was taken before the second debate, which was widely considered an ugly Clinton win- but a Clinton win, nonetheless.

True to form, Trump has resorted to only the most desperate and atavistic line of attack in a last ditch effort to no longer win the White House, but to merely inflict damage on those that dared to stand in his way. His parading of alleged victims of Bill Clinton, whom Roger Stone paid to appear before the second debate, was a wildly distasteful and clumsy attempt to throw Hillary off of her game that ultimately failed and only served to portray Trump as the boorish carnival barker he has been throughout the election. His shame-by-proxy gambit gave him no ground in the face of his own life long and well-chronicled legacy of misogyny and sexual harassment. What little preparation that Trump was tricked into undertaking yielded a new compilation of petulant interruptions and open bickering with moderators Anderson Cooper and Marta Raddatz.

Much like the Primary debate just prior to the Iowa vote, Trump should have stayed home for the latest debate. Mind you, he did better than his first debate against Clinton; for whatever that is worth. But the race ended last Friday at 4 pm when the Access Hollywood footage came out. In and of itself it is deplorable and disqualifying. On the track of everything else Trump has said about or pledged to do to minorities and ethnicities and persuasions of all kinds, it is merely the latest. Tied in with sinking poll numbers, a refusal to do show up at the debates and a dwindling calendar, Republicans know they can now safely cut bait and run, leaving Trump to twist in the wind.

With the bottom kicked out from underneath him, Trump has retreated to his safe zone of base supporters and in doing so has returned to the conspiratorial allegations and farcical promises that saw him rise to prominence in the Primaries. In a previous Weekly, I wrote that sycophants like Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani are treating the Trump campaign as if it were a hospice patient, no longer trying to remedy the sickness, but, merely, allowing the patient to feel comfortable before the campaign died its inevitable death. With the chants of “lock her up” still ring loudly to the beaming jowls of Trump as he looks on from his podium, the Emperor has no interest in a tailor anytime soon.

The only real question out there is if the Republican party can hold onto the House, as the Senate seems to be tilting toward the Democrats on an increasing bend. Whatever accelerant Trump added to the GOP burned brightly and with ugly intensity but it burned out nearly as fast, taking all the oxygen in the room with him. And as far as the Weekly Politic goes, that’s too bad. As much as I disagree with the Trump/Pence agenda, a viable race is a fascinating thing to cover. A foregone conclusion is just a bummer for all parties concerned, save for Clinton.

Trump will no longer have to be even mildly restrained as Kelly Anne Conway had attempted to control him. He will go overboard in the final three weeks with Breitbart conspiracy theories that he knows are bunk if for no other reason than to discredit the next president of the United States because she made him look as small as he actually is. The result will only spread more disunion and contempt for the first woman president. And look, if you don’t like Hillary based on her polices, more power to you. Be sure to voice your concerns loudly and frequently during her administration, but don’t cross your arms and pout and kick over the game board.

Participate in the Clinton administration. One thing about Hillary is that she has never been a trendsetter. She needs to be pushed into taking a stand. This can be a good thing. Some of the leaked DNC emails show a real reluctance to address climate change, done so only as a strategic counter-message to Bernie Sanders’ Millennial support. Not the most noble of sentiments, but on election day Hillary Clinton will, ultimately, be a President on the line for addressing climate change. The populace moves her, not out of egalitarian ambitions but out of survival. We have the potential to have a very centrist government that can bring both sides to the table if they are willing to have at it. I sincerely hope that the Republicans and stalwart Progressives both push her throughout her administration. While I’m With Her all the way, I’m well aware what happens when you give a Clinton an inch.

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