The Weird Internet: Bertstrips

The internet can be a weird place, amirite?

And that’s doubly true when you’re bored at work or on the toilet. Like any other great celestial body, it is all too easy to get sucked into a black hole of cat videos and Kermit the Frog memes. With that in mind, PressureLife writer, Adam Dodd, investigates The Weird Internet!


So we all know Sesame Street, the childhood institution that lovingly taught us how to count and read and find low income housing in trash cans. Everyone has their favorite muppet, and of them, everyone a favorite pairing. Sure, the “will they/won’t they” romantic tension between Big Bird and Snuffy is compelling but for my money the progressive coupling of Bert and Ernie takes the cake.

Ostensibly, a felt Odd Couple, Bert and Ernie are the kind of friends who hate each other and can’t live without one another (we’ve all got that friend). But on the Facebook page, Bertstrips, takes a deeper, meditative, and often chilling look into the best known domestic union this side of Gullah Gullah Island.

b1Bertstrips are so good they’re uncomfortable at times in their honest appraisal of how their relationship would, in all likelihood, play out:

b6But Bert is not without his gentle, vulnerable romantic side:

b2But Bertstrips’ philosophic ennui is not limited to the eponymous Bert and Ernie.

b4Sometimes getting way too real than one is prepared for:

b3And the other times, just dark as all hell:

b5And those are just the ones that are SFW, and believe me, the majority are not. But they are all funny as all hell and for those of us that grew up on Sesame Street, they are exactly what you always thought was happening behind the scenes… well, maybe not exactly.

Bertstrips can be found on Facebook and on Twitter @bertstrips

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