Weird Internet: The Plague Mask Video

So this is the creepiest thing in a while.

Originally sent to Swedish tech website, Gadgetzz, an occult video has surfaced that features numerous hidden clues, formulas and images that have yet to be decoded. Now known as the “plague mask video” the black and white footage features a man in a plague mask and robe standing menacingly in a dilapidated building while the footage splices, jump cuts and distorts throughout. The man repeatedly flashes a small mirror in his hand and signals certain numbers with his fingers. He looks down at a superimposed screen of geometric angles and formulas repeatedly shown. Throughout the video, strange and distorted tones and feedback can be heard. At the same time, several hidden images flash by that must decoded to be understood. What is revealed is quite disturbing.

When a spectrogram of the audio was run hidden images were found within the audio of women, victims of apparent torture, along with the phrase “you are already dead.” In another frame, the anagram “red lips like tenth” flashes across the screen; translated to “kill the president”. Even the officially posted name of the video “01010100 01100101 00100000 01110001 01110101 01100101 01100100 01100001 00100000 00110001 00100000 01100001 11110001 01101111 00100000 01101101 01100101 01101110 01101111 01110011 00101110 00101110” is a binary code, the language of computer coding.

To date, only three people are on record as having uploaded this video before Reddit caught on and made the video infamous. None of the original uploaders claim to have known where the video came from. Each of the three original recipients, including Gadgetzz’s, Johnny Krahbichler, posted the video independent of one another and have no connection to the others. However, each claim to have been given the video unsolicited from a stranger without cause or reason. Two of the three also claim to have received it from an unknown female, who in turn, claimed to have found it on a park bench. The only clue to the video’s origin comes from the Polish stamp on the package that Gadgetzz received. Coupled with the fact that the building the figure stands in has been traced back to an abandoned sanitarium, in Zofiowka, Otwock in Poland, we can assume at least a geological origin.

As to intent, the internet is doing what the internet does. While several ambitious cryptologists and amateur sleuths are pooling their wits, working piecemeal with what they can gain a grasp on, there are still more questions than answers regarding the “plague mask video”. Some believe the video to be no more than an ambitious art project or student film; possibly a cryptic puzzle game. Others believe it to be part of some occult ceremony, possibly an attempt to contact extraterrestrial, demonic, or inter-dimensional entities, a consideration bolstered by the attire, esoteric symbolism and attention to sacred geometry.

A more nefarious possibility some have speculated on is that the “plague mask video” is a hypnotic induction video intended to manipulate, coerce, or otherwise subliminally suggest ideas, concepts or actions toward the viewer. This theory holds merit when one considers the level of subliminal messaging included and the strange high-pitch frequency heard throughout, of which, could be tuned to particular frequencies to illicit changes in brainwaves.

Whether an answer is forthcoming remains to be seen as new clues and coeds are being discovered on a routine basis. Several follow up videos have appeared on YouTube since, but have largely been discredited as copycat footage.

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