[intro-text size=”25px”]What was once popular will be again—the age-old axiom of entertainment media. Sometimes it works (see Tron); sometimes less so (see Battleship). Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, but when the property rumored for resurrection still has meat on its bones to pick over, it’s a pretty good sign you’ve got a hit on your hands. [/intro-text] Fox’s groundbreaking science-fiction thriller The X-Files ran for nine seasons and had to recast its main stars to reach the finish line. So at first glance it may seem like their story has been told, but Fox just dropped the bomb that our favorite federal bureau is back with a six-episode commitment. This means the truncated tenth season can get in and out without becoming bloated (see seasons 7-9). Better yet, the original stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are returning rather than their less appealing replacements. So what else do we want to see when they bring back our favorite supernatural thriller?

(Mild spoilers to follow: but it’s been over a decade, come on!)

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1) Black Oil Resolution:

The driving conflict throughout the series has been Agent Fox Mulder’s quest to not only prove alien existence, but to thwart said alien’s plot to colonize and eventually conquer life on earth. The “black oil” was spread through a cabal of rich old men referred to as the Syndicate who worked as the alien’s compliant intermediaries. Through many contracted efforts, the X-Files team was able to stem the coming invasion and much of the Syndicate were destroyed, but if the final episode is any indication, that may have only been the opening salvo. Imagine how explosive it would be to see Mulder and Scully going on the offensive instead of always playing clean up. A limited series would be a great opportunity to put a bow on their particular storyline.

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2) Creature of the Week:

The invasive alien threat was the main theme but it had room to breathe across the seasons thanks to the lighter, arguably more inventive, “creature feature” episodes interspersed throughout. Whether slumming through sewers for a man-eating flukeworm or helping a pair of bank robbers break an endless chain of déjà vu, the “creature of the week” episodes offered a platform for the characters to espouse a wide array of personal philosophies ranging from the theological to ecological. Given the advances in special effects since their last episode and the larger budget they will most likely see, these episodes may enjoy the most inventive storylines yet.

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3) The Lone Gunmen Ride Again:

Perhaps the most unexpected fan favorites were Mulder’s fix-it men known as the Lone Gunmen. A trio of conspiracy theorists, researchers, scientists, hackers, and whatever else they needed them to do in order to advance the storyline, the Lone Gunmen were lovable losers, but more importantly, good people. They had both heart and conscience, a rare commodity in the dark world that The X-Files toiled in. They enjoyed a very short-lived titular spinoff series that never took off, but that failure is not theirs to own. They were never created to be main stars. They are strong supporting characters best used to enhance and legitimize Mulder and Scully’s investigations. Look for the trio to have been busy digging up the dirt in the twelve years since we’ve last seen them.

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4) Catching up With the Times:

The world has been busy since we last left Mulder and Scully. With advances in nanotechnology, advanced warfare, sentient computer programming, wikileak revelations, pandemic scares, the recent release of the government’s Project Bluebird files pertaining to UFOs, the series has a plethora of possible storylines to be exploited from real world headlines. Without getting bogged down as only a satire of modern society, it would be nice to see Mulder do his research on a computer with more than a 56k modem and talk to Scully on a cellular phone that is somewhat smaller than a football.

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5) Bring Back the Originals:

It may go without saying that when X-Files returns it will be in the hands of showrunner Chris Carter, but a cherry on this sundae would be talking Vince Gilligan into return as well. A young writer at the time, Gilligan had yet to create his own megahit Breaking Bad when he worked on X-Files, but some of the shows greatest storylines came from his mind. To have him at the helm of a few new episodes after the maturation that came from his run on Breaking Bad would be phenomenal. And let’s not forget, Duchovny has experience behind the screen as a director for some of the original episodes as well. Given his history and affinity for the character that made him a household name, having him as director would make for at least one compelling episode.

Remember, the truth is out there, and now, so is season ten!

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