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Where CLE Eats: Saucisson’s Melissa Khoury

Where CLE Eats: Saucisson’s Melissa Khoury

Alex Bieler

Who’s going to eat? Melissa Khoury, co-owner and operator at Saucisson, a butcher shop located at 5324 Fleet Ave. in Slavic Village.

Where does she suggest? Toast, located at 1365 W. 65 St. in Gordon Square, and LBM, located at 12301 Madison Ave in Lakewood. 

Why does she go there? After a hard day’s work, sometimes the best way to celebrate is with a few really well done dishes and drinks. For Khoury, that means trips to either Toast or LBM.

“When you think about those two places, it’s just good food, good cocktails, a really cool environment, and comfortable,” Khoury says. “In the industry, we just want easy. We want to relax.”

While Khoury’s reasons seem simple enough, her destinations take a few basic ideas and elevate them to delicious levels. Both establishments regularly change their menus, but Khoury highlights LBM’s burger and Toast’s cheese and charcuterie boards as must trys (although she admits she may be a bit biased since Toast sources some of Saucissons charcuterie for their boards). Add in a few tremendous cocktails and you have a recipe for success.

“They’re attentive, it’s comfortable, and you feel like you could be there for several hours,” Khoury says. “It’s the next best thing to sitting on your couch.”

Of course, your couch doesn’t have the level of service that Toast and LBM offer. According to Khoury, part of what makes both places shine is the attention to detail and a pair of crews that are definitely invested in providing a stellar experience.

“They’re both small in the sense of staffing, but you can tell that the people who actually work there are there because they want to be there,” Khoury says. “With how the service is given and the attention to detail, that says a lot for an establishment.”

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