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Where CLE Eats: Xinji’s Shuxin Liu

Where CLE Eats: Xinji’s Shuxin Liu

Alex Bieler

Who’s going to eat? Shuxin Liu, chef and owner of Xinji Noodle Bar at 4211 Lorain Ave in Ohio City and master of ramen, Korean fried chicken, and other delightful dishes.

Where does he suggest? Seoul Garden, located at 5270 Pearl Road in Parma right next to Axelrod Buick GMC. 

Why does he go there? “I’ve been going at least eight or nine years,” Liu says. “I’d say it’s a good hidden gem here in Cleveland, not a lot of people know about it.

Kalbi, marinated short rib, is a particular favorite thanks to Seoul Garden’s traditional preparation. The banchan, extra side dishes that come with dinner, are another big reason why he loves going to Seoul Garden.

“I usually don’t like going out by myself because you only get one thing,” Liu explains. “With Korean food, I get a lot of side dishes with my entree.”

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Of course, Seoul Garden’s banchan is stand out as special, especially the tteokbokki, Korean rice cakes served with vegetables a gochujang-based sauce. Liu says most places use store bought tteokbokki, but Seoul Garden makes theirs in house. Another advantage of Seoul Garden’s food is that dinner isn’t too heavy.

“Most Korean dishes are pretty simple,” he says. “I enjoy their food a little more because after I’m done, I’m full – but I don’t feel like I need to go to bed. Most of the dishes are lighter, so it’s good to eat at any given time.

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