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You Can Quote Me On That

You Can Quote Me On That


Juan Caminero is the host of one of Cleveland’s newest podcasts, Quote UnQuote. He talks to guests of many different walks of life, but they all have one common mindset: they want to bring something positive to the city around them.

PressureLife: Have there been any disadvantages, because of your age, that you have had to endure while starting your podcast?
Juan Caminero: I’m sure being in my early twenties and looking even younger may influence the way certain people might perceive me, but overall it hasn’t been too much of an issue. Once people can tell I’m passionate about the show, they take me seriously regardless of age.

What made you want to start a podcast in an age where many people have such short attention spans?
The podcast world is managing to boom despite the common idea that our generation can’t focus long. I read somewhere that millennials are really good at multitasking, so listening to something while at work or inside the gym makes an hour long podcast more feasible. I was inspired to take a chance on this by shows that are one or two hours longer than mine. In a world where chaos and information are coming from all angles, I think of my show as a break in the momentum that says, “Hey, see if this helps.”

What kind of individual do you find yourself flowing in conversation with?
I’m the kind of person who looks for the meaning in things, so I riff best with people who are able to clearly define the meaning of what they do.

I’m sure it can get taxing on the mind from sitting down with a multitude of personalities. How do you keep yourself grounded?
Surprisingly, having conversations with these people isn’t taxing at all. The real challenges are staying committed, planning ahead, and thinking on your feet. Aside from my sense of purpose, what actually keeps me grounded are the connections I share with these guests and people who support the show.

Do you tend to surround yourself with a very eclectic group of people or individuals who are similar to your personality?
My inner most circle consists of creative types who are inspired by life and love to laugh, but through arenas such as this podcast, I’ve been able to interact with humans of all sorts. The main things I look for in people are authenticity and kindness. Everything else is the sauce on top.

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What about Cleveland has kept you rooted to this place? What’s stopping you from just packing up and never looking back?
Love is what definitely keeps me rooted to this place. I know a time may come where I’ll need to pack up, but at this point in my life I’m learning some incredible lessons right here where I grew up.

What’s next for Quote Unquote? When can you look at this creative outlet you have developed and feel that you’ve made it?
I’m constantly asking myself how I can improve the content of the show, and I expect a ton of changes will take place as time goes on. I think “making it simpler” represents a transition into a new phase. I can’t predict the outcome, but I love doing this and life seems to have it’s way of rewarding you for pursuing what you love.

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