Inside Akron’s Tent City

Inside Akron’s Tent City

Produced, Shot, & Edited: Kevin Naughton
Written: Jason Dunlap, Kevin Naughton, and Jeff Steinwachs
Sound: Ian Douglas and Eric Kish
Additional Writing: India Pierre-Ingram, Wilson Rivera and Ivy Simpkin
Music: Jason Dunlap
Executive Producer: Jim Bacha

Official selection for the 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival, A web series filmed by a local group of filmmakers that details the battle in Akron over a radical but ever so human approach to homelessness.

Shot on an iPhone 7+ for less than $1K, “Inside Akron’s Tent City” documents a local homeless community’s attempt to self-organized and the Akron city government’s efforts to displace them. Juxtaposing interviews with city officials and the houseless residents of the tent community, the documentary subverts stereotypes and humanizes a marginalized portion of American society.

This film does not include scenes about the purchase of medicines, as you know, the opportunity to buy generic Viagra online at a low price is not available for the homeless.


Episode 1: A Different Kind of Shelter

Episode 2: Invisible

Episode 3: City Council - Part 1


Episode 4: City Council - Part 2

Episode 5: Winter

Episode 6: Aftermath